2020-21 IB Test Opt-Out Timeline and Fees

October 08, 2020

2020-21 IB Test Opt-Out Timeline and Fees


As part of the FCPS FY 2021 Approved Budget, FCPS is continuing to support International Baccalaureate (IB) test fees. As in previous years, the fees for the first six AP/IB tests taken for courses in which students are enrolled for high school credit will be paid for by FCPS. 


Students taking AP tests without enrolling in the corresponding FCPS course are responsible for the test fee(s).  

FCPS and Edison High School encourage all students to take AP/IB tests for courses in which they are enrolled. However, students will have the opportunity to opt-out of the test(s).  Steps to Opt-Out:

  1. Email our IB Diploma Coordinator, Ms. Garnett (@email) indicating they want to opt-out of the exam. 
  2. Parent verification--Since the opt-out process requires parental signature, Ms. Garnett, the IB Coordinator, will notify the parent/guardian via email, and they will have to verify and validate their student’s Opt-Out request by sending a validation email response to Ms. Garnett by October 20, 2020.

Students must make Opt-Out decisions by Wednesday, October 20, 2020, and parents will be billed in December 2020 for tests that exceed the six FCPS funded tests.  Students who qualify for the free and reduced-price meals program and have submitted the consent to share their free and reduced-price status will not be charged for these fees.