Latin Students in Competition

December 15, 2021

Congratulations to our Latin students who have excelled in 2 different competitions.

On November 14, 22 Edison Latin students attended the Virginia Junior Classical League State Latin convention. Our students left with 43 awards in academics and the arts!    The winners are:
Porter Bertman, Mathias Casolari, Olivia Forsythe, Joshua Kohm, Natalie Laclede,  Henry Mason, Benjamin Michaud, Noe Morales Mascarenas, Harper McClure, Micah Peters, Keegan Ross, Anneli Sample, Leila Selassie, Euseekers Williams, Sophia Yesehak, and Caitlin Zecca
Special kudos go to senior Keegan Ross, who won the Susan Schearer award for Creative Arts excellence.  Of the nearly 700 student participants, Keegan earned the most creative award points of all students. This included composing and reciting a speech to a panel of judges and writing an original myth.  Sophomore Olivia Forsythe also earned the Best in Show award for her Oil Painting of the mythological character, Argus. Sophomore Porter Bertman wrote an original song about Icarus that he earned First Place place in Storytelling.

Our Latin 1 trivia competition team placed 2nd again 12/11/21 at the BASIS DC Charter School Virtual Certamen Competition.  We were 100 points ahead going into the final but fell 2nd to TJHSST by only 10 points in the final round.  We also only had 2 students on our team: Joshua Kohm and Noe Morales Mascarenas.  They competed against 14 other teams including Hayfield, Flint Hill, and Nysmith School for the Gifted