Policies and Procedures for the Library

Policies and Procedures


  • Use of the library is a privilege.
  • Respect the right of others to study.
  • Respect the right of others to use library materials.
  • The library is a shared space, open to all students.
  • Please do each other the courtesy of keeping it clean, quiet, organized and operational.


  • Books check out for three weeks and may be renewed.
  • Fines for overdue books are $.10 a day per book. 
  • Lost books will be replaced at the current replacement value.
  • Students MAY NOT check out books if they have overdue books or bills.


You do not need a pass

  • Before school.
  • After school before 3:15.

You do need a pass

  • During class time.
  • During Eagle Time (agenda must be signed by a librarian in advance).
  • During Lunch Time (get passes in the cafeteria).
  • After 3:15, students need a pass from teacher or activity.


  • The library is a quiet zone for school work only.
  • No food or gum. 
  • Water only at the tables. No liquids at the computers.
  • Before you leave, push in chairs, put trash in the trash cans, and paper in the recycling bins.
  • Do not TALK on cell phones. If you must take a call, take it outside the library. In the library, keep your phones set to vibrate or airplane mode.
  • Always sign in when you come in the library, unless you are with a teacher.
  • Scissors, pens, markers, glue, tape, staplers and other office supplies are available to borrow at the front desk.



We have two printers in the library, and they are located at the front desk: Thomas (color) and Edison (B&W).

  • Color printing is $.20/copy
  • B&W is $.10/copy

You are responsible for paying for all of the pages you print, so be sure to ask for help, and check print preview before you print.

Eagle Time

  • You must have a pass in your agenda from a librarian to come to the library during Eagle Time. You must show your pass to your advisory teacher on the correct day. Librarians issue Eagle Time passes daily before & after school. You must have your agenda to get an Eagle Time pass.

After School

  • The Library is open after school for school work and quiet study only.
  • To enter the library after 3:15, you must have a Hall Pass from your previous teacher, coach or activity sponsor.