Information & Policies

Bus Schedules

Students should refer to the route number posted in the right side window of the bus. The letters EH signify Edison High. All bus schedules are located in the main office area. LATE BUSES RUN ON Mondays and Thursdays (Students will need a bus pass to board a late bus. The teacher/staff member with whom they were working will give the bus pass to them.)

Know when your bus is arriving via the bus mobile app.  

Dress Code

Regulation 2613.8




All students are expected to dress appropriately for a K-12 educational environment. Any clothing that interferes with or disrupts the educational environment is unacceptable. Clothing with language or images that are vulgar, discriminatory, racist and/or culturally divisive, or obscene or clothing that promotes illegal or violent conduct, such as gang symbols, Confederate flags, swastikas, and KKK references, the unlawful use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia, or clothing that contains threats is prohibited. Clothing should fit, be neat and clean, and conform to standards of safety, good taste, and decency. Clothing that exposes private areas or an excessive amount of bare skin is prohibited.

Examples of prohibited clothing include but are not limited to: clothing that exposes undergarments, studded or chain belts, clothing constructed of see-through materials, and head coverings (i.e., hats) unless worn for a bona fide purpose (religious, cultural, medical). School administration may reach out to a student’s family if clarification is needed regarding the purpose of a head covering.

School staff will resolve dress code infractions in a discreet and respectful manner and without any of the following: using any direct physical contact with the student or the student’s attire or
requiring any student to undress in front of another person. Dress code standards apply to all students. Students who are not compliant with the foregoing may be subject to counseling,
loss of privileges, removal from class or activities, or disciplinary action.

Family Life Education

The Board of Education of the Commonwealth of Virginia has established regulations to support the commonwealth legislative mandate that each school division offer a comprehensive, sequential Family Life Education (FLE) program. Fairfax County Public Schools offers this program at each county high school. An opt-out policy will be provided for those families who wish to exclude their children from any part of the FLE program identified for each grade level.

Grading and Reporting

Quizzes, tests, examinations, essays, homework, or papers are evaluated and/or graded, returned, and reviewed promptly with the student. Teachers are expected to grade assignments and post grades to the electronic gradebook within seven school days after the due date with the understanding that major projects/papers may require additional time to ensure quality feedback.

The SIS Parent Account provides up to date parent and guardian access to their child’s student information, including attendance, report cards, class schedules, gradebook, course history, discipline, health, and school information, establishing another form of communication between home and school. Parents use the same username and password as the login for both SIS and FCPS 24-7 Learning. To create an account that will allow access to both, parents should contact their school for an activation key.  Parents with SIS Parents Accounts will automatically receive regular email progress reports with course grades to date. These progress reports will replace the interims that were generated in the past.

Report cards are issued four times a year at nine-week intervals to communicate student academic achievement to date based on curriculum objectives. They will be hand-carried by students.  A report card grade will be a letter grade.

This grading scale went into effect September 2009 and is not retroactive.

A (93-100) = 4.0
A- (90-92) = 3.7

B+ (87-89) = 3.3
B (83-86) = 3.0
B- (80-82) = 2.7

C+ (77-79) = 2.3
C (73-76) = 2.0
C- (70-72) = 1.7

D+ (67-69) = 1.3
D (64-66) = 1.0
F (below 64) = 0.0

Link to FCPS Grading and reporting site

Internet Information

Schoology is the learning management system that will be used division wide. It is a learning space that supports instructional practices aligned to FCPS’s learning model and help students reach the Portrait of a Graduate goalsClick here to get all the info on Schoology.

Zoom will be the main virtual communication tool used by the county. 

The SIS (Student Information System) Parent Account is an online tool parents can use to access information about their child’s attendance, class schedule and performance, discipline incidents, and health information. You can find more information about SIS here. The Parent Account login is here.


Lockers are intended for the storage of books and clothing. DO NOT leave valuables in your school or gym locker. If you should have difficulty with your locker contact the Main Office staff. Do not disclose your locker combination to anyone or share your locker. Each student is responsible for the care of his/her locker. Writing on the lockers is considered an act of vandalism. Lockers, which are the property of the school, may be opened by the principal or her designee in the presence of a witness to examine the contents, including personal belongings of students, when there is reason to believe that the contents threaten the safety, health, or welfare of students and staff, or include stolen property.

Reasonable efforts to locate the student shall be made prior to opening his/her locker to notify the student of the search. Stolen items and items which are specifically prohibited by law, School Board policy, or county or school regulations may be impounded by school authorities, and parents shall be notified of any impounding.

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, if you would like to request a locker, please complete this form

Lost and Found

Students should take all found items to the main office with the exception of found gym equipment that should be turned in to the physical education department.


Students are discouraged from bringing large sums of money to school. No money should be left in lockers. All money from bake sales, ticket sales, etc. must be turned in to the proper adult sponsors at the end of each day. Payments to the school of any kind should be made by check and made payable to Edison High School. Please write the student's name on the check.

Personal Electronic Device (PED)

SR&R Cell Phones; Page 17-18

3. Students in grades 9-12: Phones must be silenced and put away during all instructional periods. Phone accessories are also to be silenced and away when phone use is prohibited. Watches that serve a dual purpose (e.g., smart watch) may be worn; however, phone features (e.g., texting Internet, calls, etc.) are to be off when phone use is prohibited. Storage may be in a locker, backpack, pencil bag, etc., during classes. Students are prohibited from using phones, tablets, and other mobile devices in restrooms and locker rooms, unless there is a medical necessity or emergency. Teachers may allow usage of cell phone for instructional activities where they are the most appropriate tool, however one-to-one FCPS devices should meet most needs. Regulation 2601.36P Page 18 Cell phones may be used on campus before the first bell, after the last bell, during passing periods, and lunches.

4. Parent/guardians, multi-disciplinary team members, or other persons with knowledge of students who require access to personally owned devices as an accommodation shall make requests for such accommodations through their respective multidisciplinary team [i.e., 504 Committee, IEP Team, English Language Committee, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Team].

Summary Document language:

Cell phone usage has been a popular topic. Key highlights of related changes are below for your convenience:

  • Grades K-8: Phones must be silenced and put away for the duration of the school day.
  • Grades 9-12: Phones must be silenced and put away during all instructional periods.
  • Students are prohibited from using phones, tablets, and other mobile devices in restrooms and locker rooms, unless there is a medical necessity or emergency.
  • Parents/Guardians, multi-disciplinary team members, or other persons with knowledge of students who require access to personally owned devices as an accommodation shall make requests for such accommodations through their respective multi-disciplinary team. 

FCPS believes that students learn best when expectations for behavior are clear, consistent,  fair, age appropriate, and build on strong student teacher relationships. Please visit Boarddocs for 2022-23 SR&R documentation or visit the SR&R webpage for additional information.

Personal Property

Students shall be responsible for the personal property they take to a school building, on school grounds, on a school-sponsored function such as a field trip, or on a school bus. Student use of any storage area (lockers, instrument storage, etc.) provided by the school division is on a voluntary basis; there is no requirement to use any of it. Students who choose to use locker storage, or any storage area that can be locked, shall be responsible for the security of any associated keys or combinations. Fairfax County Public Schools does not assume responsibility for the personal property of students and does not purchase insurance for their property. Students and parents are urged to give appropriate consideration of what is taken to school.

Teachers or other school employees may not accept responsibility for student personal property on behalf of the school or the school division.

Teachers and school administrators who confiscate student personal property because student possession or use violates school division or local school rules (e.g., a CD player, a Walkman, hat, etc.) shall take every available precaution to protect that property until its dispersal can be determined. The school principal has the discretion to determine whether a banned item may or may not be returned to a student or to his or her parent.

Beepers, cellular phones or any portable communication device confiscated from students by school officials shall be returned to parents.

Controlled substances and weapons shall be turned over to the police department; FCPS assumes no responsibility for those items.

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence

Students at each school are expected to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and to observe a moment of silence, on a daily basis, at the direction of the principal unless the student or his or her parent objects to participation in such exercises. No student shall be subjected to unfavorable comment or stigmatization for his or her decision to participate in or to abstain from the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance or observance of one minute of silence.

Nonparticipating students are expected to sit quietly, or to stand silently, during the Pledge or the observance of the minute of silence and to refrain from engaging in any disruptive or distracting activity. No disciplinary sanctions may be imposed for refusal to participate in saying the Pledge of Allegiance or in observing the minute of silence; however, willful disruption or interference with the exercise of pledging allegiance by others or interference with other students who exercise of their choice to meditate, pray, or engage in any other silent activity may result in the same disciplinary measures accorded to other instances of classroom disruption in school.

Safety Drills

Students are to follow teacher instructions when a fire drill alarm is sounded. Tampering with an alarm box or a fire extinguisher is a School Board violation and a felony in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Criminal charges will be filed against any person activating a false alarm. Everyone is to evacuate the building whenever a fire alarm sounds. There are no exceptions! In addition, tornado drills are conducted twice during the school year. There will be four lockdown drills through out the year.  

Sale of Goods

Only recognized and approved clubs and activities at Edison High School are authorized to sell goods (candy, gum, etc.). Such club/activity sales must be scheduled through the Director of Student Activities. No individual may sell for personal profit. All money is to be turned in to the adult sponsor by the end of the school day.

SOL and IB Testing Information

For Information from the Virginia Department of Education, Click Here.

Student Parking and Driving

Rising seniors and juniors who wish to park on school grounds must purchase a parking permit.  Seniors are given priority before juniors are considered.  You must park in your area.  Improperly parked vehicles are subject to fines, booting or towing.  Unless you are in an early release program, written permission must be obtained from a staff member before you can leave the school building to enter the parking lot or a vehicle.  THOMAS A. EDISON HIGH SCHOOL IS A CLOSED CAMPUS.  ONCE YOU HAVE ARRIVED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO LEAVE WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. 

Student Planners

All rising freshman will be provided with a student planner.

Tobacco Products

The use or possession of tobacco in any form, including smokeless, is not permitted at any time on the grounds of Edison High School.

Unauthorized Persons

No person whose presence or action interferes with or disrupts the operation of the school, its students, or school activities may enter or remain in any school vehicle or building or upon any school ground, roadway, or sidewalk. All visitors to a school or its grounds shall report to the main office immediately. Persons who fail to do so will be considered trespassers and subject to legal action.

Work Permits

A work permit is issued for a specific job. It is not required before applying for positions. Work permits are required for fourteen and fifteen year old. Students who are sixteen years of age or older do not need work permits. The following form needs to be submitted to the VA Department of Labor for processing of all work permit requests.