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Health & Physical Education Staff

Mission Statement

The Health and Physical Education curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical experience needed to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students of all ability levels will be given the opportunity to discover fun and enjoyable physical activities that they will be able to incorporate into a lifetime of healthy living. Our goal is to motivate students to want to improve the five components of fitness, to recognize the benefits of developing and participating in a personal fitness program, and to assist them in attaining the knowledge and skills needed to make healthy decisions.

Sports Medicine Staff

Sports Medicine Courses

Sports Medicine is a Physical Education elective and is offered as a classroom and laboratory course to provide students with an avenue through which to explore athletic training and sports medicine related fields. Students learn and practice, injury evaluation and prevention procedures, taping and bracing techniques, emergency medical care, proper use of treatment modalities, and rehabilitation program implementation for athletes and physically active individuals.

The course is designed to allow students to gain knowledge in various topics relevant to sports medicine, and then apply what they have learned through lab work and field experiences.

• Anatomy
• Physiology
• Biomechanics
• Nutrition
• Injury evaluation
• Exercise rehabilitation
• Therapeutic massage
• Manual therapy techniques
• Tissue response to injury
• Strength & Conditioning
• Psychological considerations
• Organization, administration, sports medicine team 
• Career options, educational opportunities 
• Current issues in sports medicine

Edison Sports Medicine Club

The Edison Sports Medicine Association (ESMA) is a club, founded in the Fall of 1999, that brings together a group of students interested in the prevention, recognition, evaluation, rehabilitation, and treatment of athletic injuries. Many members serve as student-athletic trainers as well, and may find it to be an excellent way to explore career opportunities in sports medicine and related allied health care and medical professions.

In addition to educational goals, the primary mission of ESMA is to improve the Athletic Training Program at Edison High School to better serve student-athletes, their parents, coaches, and the school community.

To find out more about this club speak to a member, or stop by the Training Room (703) 924-8082 to pick up an information packet and application.

Athletic Training

Today's Certified Athletic Trainer (or ATC) is a well-trained professional who is an integral part of a complete athletic program. The athletic trainer's duties include implementing injury prevention programs and immediate treatment and rehabilitation procedures for the injured athlete as directed by the team physician. The ATC must have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics/kinesiology, psychology, hygiene, nutrition, conditioning, rehabilitation methodology, and protective strapping and equipment. Such knowledge is part of a continuing process. Many athletic trainers have earned advanced degrees to improve their ability to meet the requirements of this demanding profession, for the care of athletic injuries is essential and must be administered with great skill.

Since the inception of athletic training into the medical community, the American Medical Association has recognized the ATC as a highly educated and well-trained professional. The professional ATC has a minimum of a Bachelor's degree with an extensive background in biological and health sciences and is credentialed by the National Athletic Trainers' Board of Certification (NATABOC), and state medical certification or licensing boards. To find out more about athletic training click on

The athletic training program offers comprehensive health care services to all Edison student athletes to protect their well being at a level of physical fitness that will enable him or her to achieve their maximum potential. The services are intended to enhance the quality of life and educational experiences for all student-athletes. We believe that participation in interscholastic athletics helps to formulate a student's positive attitude towards his or her own health and well being. In addition, we believe that all students when injured should receive the best injury care and treatment available. This care includes returning the student to their sport as soon as it is medically safe. We aim to help substantially reduce the risk of injury to all Edison student athletes. Working together with other allied health care professionals, the sports medicine team's goal and commitment is to provide this service in an exemplary manner.

Communication with the team physician and/or other medical professionals, the parents of injured athletes, coaches, administrators, as well as the athletes, is essential for the ATC to perform its job effectively. If you have any questions regarding your "Eagle" athlete's injury or condition, contact an Edison ATC, or call the Athletic Training Room at (703) 924-8082.

Athletic Training Student Aides

Athletic Training Student Aides (ATSAs) are dedicated and work hard to provide a service to their student-athlete peers and school community as well. The ATSAs have to be very independent in their Sports Medicine education considering there currently is no Sports Medicine class that is offered. The students are encouraged to ask questions, they have access to a number of written resources, are given periodic quizzes and help with daily athletic training room duties. ATSAs are an integral part of the sports medicine team and the athletic program. Many athletic training student aides are athletes as well, playing on various Edison teams during seasons when they are not active in the athletic training room. They can also earn a varsity letter and other awards such as the Student Athletic Trainer of the Year. Remember to thank the athletic training student aide that may help you out on the field or in the training room! If you are interested in becoming an ATSA for 2006-2007 school year please inquire in the athletic training room.

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