Drop/Withdraw Procedures

Guidelines for Dropping a Class

  • A student must have guidance and/or administrative authorization and written parental permission in order to drop a class. Requests to drop IB classes will not be considered until the end of 1st Quarter. If a student is allowed to drop a class from his/her schedule, the following is the result:
  • During the first quarter – nothing is recorded on the transcript.
  • After first quarter report cards have been distributed until the end of third quarter – Withdraw Passing (WP) or Withdraw Failing (WF) is recorded on the transcript.
  • Fourth quarter – requires Principal permission and a WP or F is recorded on the transcript.

Request for Pass/Fail Status

  • With parental/guardian approval, any high school student shall be given the option of taking one elective credit per year to be marked on a pass-fail basis. This may be applied to required physical education credits and to credits other than those required for English, social studies, mathematics, and laboratory science. (The first mathematics and/or science courses taken in high school will be considered required courses.)
  • Students should obtain the form for requesting pass-fail from their counselor. Please refer to the Course Offerings Guide for further information.

Leaving Edison High School

  • Students withdrawing from Edison High School during the school year must attend all classes on their last day at Edison High School. This is necessary in order to return textbooks and receive documentation from the teacher of their current academic status.