2021 Summer Enrichment

Summer Learning Enrichment


High school teachers will not give summer assignments.  Instead, teachers are providing optional enrichment activities that are not for a grade.  Reading for choice is highly encouraged but not required. 


The purpose of optional summer enrichment is to:

  • activate students’ background knowledge and skills
  • provide opportunity to review introductory topics/prerequisites for a course
  • create or enhance enthusiasm and interest in a subject or to serve as a springboard for future learning.

Edison High School

Social Studies Optional Summer Enrichment:

●       USVA Government:  Read the Washington Post, CNN, New York Times daily or weekly.

●       USVA History:  Any historical biography of your choice.  Here are some options:

●       HOA:  Any reading associated with the Civil War or the Cold War

●       Topics in 20th Century History:  Cold War, Stalin, Mao or Castro.

World Languages Optional Summer Enrichment:

●       Summer Enrichment Language Site

Fine & Performing Arts Optional Summer Enrichment:

●       Institute for the Arts (IFTA): Camps and Institutes

●       Go outside! Get fresh air, new perspectives, take a hike, enjoy the moment and get new inspiration! Take photographs or sketch or sing or write a song or a play.

●       Just be in the moment. Breathe.

CTE Optional Optional Summer Enrichment:

●       FCPS CTE Summer Academy

●       Online Campus Courses (Optional)

○       Museums in DC are free and will reopen soon

○       Tour a college. George Mason, NOVA, Howard, George Washington, American, Georgetown are all local options.

○       Try a new recipe or restaurant! 

ESOL Optional Summer Enrichment:

●        Edison ESOL Summer School (Email Ms. Forget to sign up)

●       View any English Language TV programs

●       2 hour English Speaking Practice (Free)

Khan Academy (Free English and Math ..etc.  

Health and Physical Education Optional Summer Enrichment:  

●       Go outside and play for 60 minutes doing something fun.  Walking, biking, yoga, swimming, basketball, tennis, or just something you enjoy!  Get away from your electronics, please.

English Department Optional Summer Enrichment:

●       Summer Reading Program at Fairfax County Public Library (FCPL) will start on June 8 and end on August 13.

●       On June 1, students can start signing up on Beanstack where they will be tracking their summer reading online.

●       These are the chances to win a prize:

●       When you sign up, you are automatically entered into a drawing to win a $25 e-gift card to Scrawl Books.

●       When you read 500 minutes, you get a chance to win a $50 Chipotle gift card.

●       When you complete the program by reading 1000 minutes, you get a chance to win a $150 Amazon e-gift card.

●       For students who prefer a paper reading log, they can pick it up at any FCPL branch starting June 11.

Mathematics Department Optional Summer Enrichment:

●       Students taking Algebra 1 for 2021-2022 - Summer Packet with Key

●       Students taking Geometry for 2021-2022 - Summer Packet with Key

●       Students taking Algebra 2  for 2021-2022 - Summer Packet with Key

●       Students taking IB Math Analysis Year 1 for 2021-2022 - Summer Packet with Key

●       Students taking IB Math Analysis Year 2 for 2021-2022 - Packet 1, Packet 1 Key,    Packet 2, Packet 2 Key

●       Students taking IB Math Applications Year 1 for 2021-2022  Summer PacketSummer Packet Key

●       Students taking IB Math Applications Year 2 for 2021 - 2022 - Summer Packet

●       Students entering AFDA, or taking any Non-IB Math Course should consider doing the Algebra 2 Summer Packet.

Science Department Optional Summer Enrichment:

Students taking:

●       Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and IB Chemistry I- Understanding Scientific Investigation

●       IB Chemistry II- Summer Enrichment

●       IB Physics II- Summer Enrichment

●       Biology Reading List:

●       Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan

●       “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari

●       “The Genius of Birds” by Jennifer Ackerman

●       “The Gene: An Intimate History” by Siddhartha Mukherjee

●       “Flying Dinosaurs” by John Pickrell

FCPS has compiled a list of programs that may be of interest to your students that can be found at this link: Summer Programs.