Bell Schedules

Red Day Blue Day
1st Period 8:10 - 9:38 2nd Period
3rd Period 9:44 - 11:14 4th Period
Advisory 9:44-10:19
EagleTime 10:19-11:14
5th Period A Lunch
A Lunch: 11:14-11:44
A Class: 11:50-1:21

B Lunch
B Class: 11:20-11:48
B Lunch: 11:48-12:18
B Class: 12:22-1:21

C Lunch
C Class: 11:20-12:19
C Lunch: 12:19-12:49
C Class: 12:53-1:21

D Lunch
D Class: 11:20-12:51
D Lunch: 12:51-1:21
6th Period
7th Period 1:27 - 2:55 8th Period

2 Hour Delay Schedule

2 Hour Delay Schedule

Red Day

1st Period: 10:10-11:04
3rd Period: 11:09-12:03
5th Period: 12:08-1:56

A Lunch: 12:03-12:31
A Class: 12:36-1:56

B Class: 12:08-12:31
B Lunch: 12:31-12:59
B Class: 1:03-1:56

C Class: 12:08-12:59
C Lunch: 12:59-1:27
C Class: 1:31-1:56

D Class: 12:08-1:28
D Lunch: 1:28-1:56

7th Period: 2:01-2:55

Blue Day

2nd Period: 10:10-11:34
6th Period: 11:39-1:27

A Lunch: 11:34-12:02
A Class: 12:07-1:27

B Class: 11:39-12:02
B Lunch: 12:02-12:30
B Class: 12:34-1:27

C Class: 11:39-12:30
C Lunch: 12:30-12:58
C Class: 1:02-1:27

D Class: 11:39-12:59
D Lunch: 12:59-1:27

8th Period: 1:32-2:55

2 Hour Early Release Schedule

2 Hour Early Release Schedule

Red Day

1st Period: 8:10-9:04
3rd Period: 9:09-10:03
7th Period: 10:08-11:02
5th Period: 11:07-12:55

A Lunch: 11:02-11:30
A Class: 11:35-12:55

B Class: 11:07-11:30
B Lunch: 11:30-11:58
B Class: 12:02-12:55

C Class: 11:07-11:58
C Lunch: 11:58-12:26
C Class: 12:30-12:55

D Class: 11:07-12:27
D Lunch: 12:27-12:55

Blue Day

2nd Period: 8:10-9:34
8th Period: 9:39-11:02
6th Period: 11:07-12:55

A Lunch: 11:02-11:30
A Class: 11:35-12:55

B Class: 11:07-11:30
B Lunch: 11:30-11:58
B Class: 12:02-12:55

C Class: 11:07-11:58
C Lunch: 11:58-12:26
C Class: 12:30-12:55

D Class: 11:07-12:27
D Lunch: 12:27-12:55 

Virtual Learning Due to Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Days - School Year 2021-22

  • When the school building is closed for inclement weather, you will attend your classes online. 
  • Teachers will provide synchronous instruction and will post Zoom sessions in each of their Schoology classes for you to join. 
  • We will follow an inclement weather virtual schedule.

Class Schedule




Class Time




55 Minutes




55 Minutes




45 Minutes




55 Minutes




55 Minutes


  • You are expected to attend each class at the scheduled time.
  • Teachers will take attendance.
  • If you have connectivity issues, message your teacher as soon as possible. 
  • Your teachers will be providing virtual instruction and work to help keep you on track to succeed when we can return to the building.
  • During lunch (12:10-12:55) you should log off. Be sure to return to your computer on time for 5th/6th period at 12:55. 
  • Academy classes will follow the same schedule above so that students can attend as normal.

Connectivity Issues for Teacher

In the event your teacher is unable to log into a synchronous lesson, an asynchronous lesson will be provided for you posted in Schoology.

Computer Care

Since we never know when we will need to go virtual, please be mindful of the following procedures:

  1. Restart your computer 2 times per week.
  2. Take your computer home every day.
  3. Know how to access your classes in Schoology and your Zoom sessions.

Helpful Hints

  • If you have any issues joining, please restart your computer and try again. 
  • If you are still unable to join, please let your teacher know that you attempted to join so they can still record your attendance. 
  • You can also reach out to our technology support team (Mr. Le , @email, or Mr. Fox, @email) for help.

Students complete Student Technology Readiness Checklist

Join Your Class Sessions

  1. Open your teacher’s Schoology course.
  2. Click the Zoom button on the left side of your screen.
  3. Click “Join” for the first meeting listed 

how to join zoom


Session Recordings

  1. When your teacher has posted a recording of their Zoom session, it will be located in the “Cloud Recordings” in the Zoom section of their Schoology course (the same place you went to join the session)
  2. Click the Cloud Recordings tab, then click on the recording you want to watch.
  3. Click the Play button on the recording, and a new tab will open. Paste the password for the recording in the box and press Enter. The recording will now be available for you!
  4. Video directions for this process are on the next slide.

Help videos on how to connect to Zoom and watching Zoom recordings are posted in the Edison All School Schoology course.

White Day Schedule

White Day

Advisory: 8:10-8:53
1st Period: 8:59-9:40
2nd Period: 9:46-10:27
3rd Period: 10:33-11:14
5th or 6th Period: 11:20-1:22

A Lunch: 11:14-11:44
A Class: 11:50-1:22

B Class: 11:20-11:47
B Lunch: 11:47-12:17
B Class: 12:21-1:22

C Class: 11:20-12:20
C Lunch: 12:20-12:50
C Class: 12:54-1:22

D Class: 11:20-12:52
D Lunch: 12:52-1:22

7th Period: 1:28-2:09
8th Period: 2:15-2:55

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