Food and Nutrition

The Golden Wellness Award

The GOLDEN Wellness Award is a project we having been working on at Edison. The purpose of this program is to inspire others to make exercise and proper nutrition a lifelong commitment. 

  • History: The Wellness Score Card was created to recognize schools that are focused on wellness in their school and in their community. It addresses School Board Student Achievement Goals 2.8, students will make healthy and safe life choices, and goal 3.2, students will be respectful and contributing participants in their school, community, country, and world. The Fairfax County Public School Board also adopted a wellness policy to promote student health and contribute to the reduction of childhood obesity (FCPS Policy and Regulation 7211).

Breakfast – A Great Start to Being Smart

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It “breaks” the “fast” by replacing the energy reserves used overnight. School-aged children especially teens are the biggest breakfast skippers.

Fast Food Helpful Hints for Eating Healthier

Many fast food and chain restaurants now offer a healthy choice menu

  • Be sure to ask about these options when placing your order.
  • Choose foods that are under 500 calories and low in fat.

Tips for Ordering

  • Ask if the restaurant has a healthy choice menu.
  • Choose dipping sauces that are fat-free, such as BBQ sauce, sweet ‘n’ sour sauce or ketchup.
  • Ask to have sandwiches served without mayonnaise.
  • Avoid making it “biggie” or “super-sized.”
  • Try to ask for your veggies steamed without butter when possible.
  • Choose a fruit instead of the fries
  • Avoid any soda products!

Life Wellness!