Global STEM Challenges Program

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Our Program

In our three-year program, we have been inspired by the National Academy of Engineering's Grand Challenges to integrate multiple disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math throughout the multi-year experience.

Each year in the program will focus on a major theme of the Grand Challenges. Throughout freshmen year, students will work to develop solutions to problems around the ideas of food and transportation. Sophomore year will focus on global challenges of water. The final year in our program will be focused on ideas of energy.

Students who are well equipped for our challenging program embody a willingness to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, and find value in collaboration. Students will reflect upon their own learning, thinking deeply of how they learn. We do not expect all of our students to begin with these skills. We will develop and foster these skills within our students. We seek to support students in developing a Growth Mindset.